Saturday, December 3, 2016

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux: Asshat Of The Day

I had Larry "Sleepy" Summers as Asshat of the Day today, but CNN's Suzanne Malveaux also deserves for her comment the other day about Trump's plane crashing just before his Carrier press conference (so she gets it belatedly for the day before).  Ace is absolutely spot on: #ThatIsHowYouGotTrump. In a way, I welcome this since at least it shows her bias to everyone. Can you imagine the outrage if a conservative pundit said such a thing about Obama or Hillary?  

Fire Andrea Mitchell is right: Weak Apology from CNN

AdWeek: Busted

And George Stephanopoulos, you are also a biased, dishonest, lying asshat. I have a feeling you will be asshat of the day before long.

Instapundit: CNN jokes about Trump's plane crashing, Gitmo prisoners and CNN staff have a lot in common, and Van Jones worries about his balls?

Powerline: Trump Derangement Strikes Deep (I love the wine, blazer, khakis, and scarf)

Previous Asshats of the Day: Geraldo RiveraJohn Kasich, and Larry Summers

Instapundit: Scott AdamsTrump and the Taiwan Call

Regular Right Guy: Classy Malveaux? Assy perhaps

DaTechGuy: Deliberate Over Reach

American Thinker: Media Hysteria

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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