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Friday, September 14, 2012

Was Ayman al-Zawahiri behind the Libya attack?

There is still significant work required in getting rid of al Qaeda.  It was not some poorly made film that triggered these attacks, this was intended to take place on September 11.

And did the State Department and White House have 48 hours notice of the attacks and fail to warn personnel?  Shouldn't the President and Secretary Clinton be held responsible for that failure to warn personnel?  The Obama Administration's handling of these events has been terrible.
This was a plan that was in the works for a long time...
Was it done to avenge the killing of Abu Yahya al-Libi and Osama bin Laden?  Zawahiri is calling the attacks blessed and encouraging more attacks.
Meanwhile we have Israel rebuffed by President Obama.  Israel is going to have to act on its own to contain Iran and its nuclear bomb making efforts.  Such strike may take place before elections this November.  

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