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Friday, September 14, 2012

Kate Middleton topless photos? French magazine Closer publishes them. Rule 5 Britannia! Update: Reports of outraged Brits storming French embassy in protest!

Here is the link to the French version of Closer Magazine
Update:  American Perspective has a post on this too...
No word if al Qaeda's Ayman al-Zawahiri was upset over Kate Middleton photographs.
No word if there was 48 hour notice of the publishing of the Kate Middleton photographs...
World erupts in chaos after Kate Middleton pictures are published...
Ann Romney reveals she walked in (by mistake) when George W. Bush was getting a massage at the White House.
Why are bare breasts taboo anyway?

I am guessing this will drive some magazine sales.  Photos of Kate Middleton have certainly, in the past, driven blog hits.  So in the spirit of Rule 5, this story must be covered!  Or not.   I am sympathetic to the Duchess, because the one thing she does not have is privacy.  But at the same time, she does look great, the photos are so far off and the ones I have seen are hardly offensive (other than to her), and the best response for something like this is for Kate to ignore it.  But of course we cannot.  Update:  And neither can Smitty who has a post at TOM!
Kate is not happy with this...

This is not the first time she has been photographed...


  1. Nice rack, nice other parts too. Lucky king-in-waiting...

  2. Lucky Prince William - what a beauty !

    Not sure if his people should be having the thoughts
    that they're having about their future queen, though ! !


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