Friday, April 27, 2018

Sanctimonious and smug Tom Brokaw accused of sexual harassment

Video Link: Lots of detail...

FMJRA and Rule 5

Mercury News: Doubts About NBC

Legal Insurrection: #MeToo morphs...

Twitchy: Him Too? Tom Brokaw accused

Don Surber: Brokow gets the Donald Trump effect

ET: Matt Lauer in bad shape as divorce moves forward

Rush Limbaugh: Brokaw says it's a drive by hit and  Tom Brokaw accused of sexual harassment

Hot Air:  Megyn Kelly: You don't know what you don't knowTom Brokow accused and Ann Curry warned NBC about Lauer

Instapundit: Megyn warns NBC, You don't know what you don't knowBrokaw FalloutTriggered and It has been a hellava week for Comcast and NBC!

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  1. I'm sure NBC has tapes of Brokaw saying inappropriate things, but we won't hear them unless he says something nice about Trump.


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