Thursday, April 26, 2018

No Confidence: It's Time To Fire Sheriff Scott Israel

Twitchy: Sheriff Union Votes 534 to 94 "No Confidence" in Sheriff Scott Israel and the Case Against Superintendent and School Board

AoSHQ: Voted no confidence by the narrowest of margins (snark)

His own deputies blame Sheriff Scott Israel. Given what a pathetic failure and disaster the Broward County Sheriff Department is in the wake of the Parkland Shooting, I am only surprised Governor Rick Scott has not asked Scott Israel to step down already. Scott Israel is a terrible leader.

When you have a Sheriff' Department that not only acts in cowardice, but prevented other first responders from going to save those kids, that is a performance failure that should warrant a complete change of leadership. For the safety of Broward County residents, Scott Israel needs to go.

Instapundit: Scott Israel defiant after overwhelming no confidence vote, Scott Israel faces no confidence vote of his own deputies, Parkland shooting hero blames Sheriff and Superintendent for failing to prevent the massacre

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  1. Symbolic no confidence vote. Yeah, that's really going to get rid of a parasite that implemented the gay mulatto's agenda in his county. We'll see if Broward County is repairable when the voters boot him out. If not, he'll get new deputies.


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