Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Another Women Accuses Tom Brokaw of Sexual Harassment

Read the whole thing, it is not a hit piece. She admits what Brokaw did back in the day with her was no big deal. Now that Brokaw is accusing Vester of lying, she decided to speak out. 

That bitch is lying and just jealous! But I may have leaned in for a kiss...

Twitchy: Oh oh, NBC may need another signed letter...

LMTOnLine: Charlie Rose abuse was widespread at CBS

WaPo: Skepticism that NBC is remedying in-house sexual harassment

Hollywood Reporter: Tom Brokaw plays the victim, attacks woman accuser

Variety: NBC News is pushing its anchors to report on the supportive Brokaw letter

Legal Insurrection: Did NBC pressure female staffers to sign Tom Brokaw support letter?

Hot Air: MeMeMeToo: Charlie Rose tells Brokaw to "hold my beer"Brokaw used to be a total dog and everyone knows it...

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