Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Burt Bacharach: Alfie

EBL: Alfie Evans RIP, Her Majesty's Government Starves A Two Year Old Child To Death To Prove A Point and Should The State Get To Decide Who Lives Or Dies?

Reason: "And of course [the British authorities] are rational and Alfie's parents are Catholic zealots and therefore incapable of putting the baby's well being ahead of the dictates of their own religion." 

Ms. Dalmia at Reason is using that obviously offensive line as a rhetorical emotional trope to justify how horrible it is US Immigration (and evil Trump people) separate children from their parents seeking to asylum (and to drive up traffic for Reason).  It is a cheap trick on Ms. Dalmia's part. The Obama Administration deported lots of people and also separated parents from children.   

I recognize that there are some legitimate asylum cases, and I do not want to see parents and children separated. I am not sure why it happens in these cases, but it is not close to the same thing as the British government killing a 2 year old. It is also not the United State's obligation to pay for people seeking to force immigration through asylum. While there are strong moral argument for asylum (in certain cases) asylum is not a right. These cases are fact specific. Ms. Dalmia's article is not.  

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