Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Should The State Get To Decide Who Lives Or Dies Due To Medical Condition?

Man In The High Castle: In the alternative universe of that show, loyal young Nazi Thomas Smith voluntarily turns himself over to authorities for having untreatable muscular distrophy (in his world you get euthanized for that). In his own mind, he thinks he is doing the right thing. It is hard to get too sympathetic for Nazis, but to the show's credit they do manage to convey the cold clinical horror of such a regime (even for its supposed privileged).

Man In The High Castle is alternative history science fiction. I thought Great Britain prevailed against the real Nazis, but at least on this point apparently not anymore. While we can all recognize the state may have the right to limit subsidized government care (as resources are finite), the state should never have the right to prevent you from seeking care on your own and at your own expense. The state should not limit your natural rights. It is the same as leaving infants out to die of exposure or putting people down because the state deems them useless mouths.

DaTechGuy: Why Alfie Evans Must Die, Royals vs. Serfs (although King George V was euthanized by his doctor in 1936).

AoSHQ: The Banality of EvilIf it can happen in England it can happen here and They laughed about Sarah Palin 'death panels'

Instapundit: British cops threaten social media critics about Alfie Evans and Alfie Evans given death sentence

The Blaze: Social Media posts about Alfie Evans are "being monitored" by British police?

National Review: Court Decides: Alfie Evans Must Die

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Wombat: In the Mailbox 04.26.18: Louder With Crowder: UK Police Warn People Not To Speak Out Against Alfie Evans’ Terrible Treatment, Michelle Malkin: Alfie And Haleigh And Charlie And Jahi,


  1. When Sarah Palin uttered the words, death panels, she probably did a greater service to this country than she ever would as VP.

    Unless, of course, she succeeded to the Presidency.

    1. She was absolutely spot on, and they vilified her for it.

  2. What a sin and a shame.

    England is lost. They are going to jail people who protest about this on social media.

    This is what the left wants for America.

  3. Royalty gets its own wing, and are in and out in just a few hours to take their baby home. The subjects are just that, and may or may not get to take their baby home ever. The subjects must not get uppity or they'll be punished for hate speech. And whatever you do, don't train your pet to mock Nazis, because British courts get offended and will fine you. Empty your pockets and remove all screwdrivers, pliers, and scissors; lest they may be used for self-defense.


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