Friday, April 27, 2018

So why is the media downplaying this summit of North and South Korea?

We all know why this is being downplayed, because the media is completely partisan, biased, and in the tank for the Democrats. They dare not emphasize the enormous upside of this, because that could benefit Donald Trump (there are some limited exceptions).

Of course we need to keep this in perspective. We are far from true peace with the North Koreans. Negotiations have only just started and could unravel. But this is definitely a huge success and a step in the right direction.

Legal Insurrection: Bold goals outlined in meeting between North and South Korea

Instapundit: Background to Trump Administration's stunning Korea breakthrough, Can we call this a success, the art of the deal

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  1. For the same reason they cheered the NVA rolling into Saigon.

    Donald Trump just won the Korean War. How can they admit they were wrong and still claim to have credibility?

    PS Watch what happens should the mullahs go a similar route.


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