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Monday, January 29, 2018

What President Trump should do at the State of the Union...

Meanwhile, Democrats say they are going to have some DACA kids in the gallery for Trump’s upcoming state of the union speech. Some clever person has suggested that Trump mention one of them out by name, note that he’s ready to offer them a path to citizenship, and that they should ask Chuck and Nancy why they are standing in the way of it. Stand back, and watch liberal/media heads explode.
I know many on the right are upset over this proposed DACA deal by President Trump (and a few NeverTrumpers are stirring the pot), but I do believe he is using it to call the Democrats out. With DACA still getting high support from both Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, Trump has to message over the media on this (the SOTU is a perfect form for that).

Don Surber is usually spot on about Trump (you might check out his positions below). AoSHQ's J.J. Sefton has a similar take. While there is concerned the Dems just might take the deal, it is not as bad as you think it is. If the Dems don't take it, it is bad for them. It is a win win.

What about these Dreamers? Criminal Dreamers have to go.

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