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Monday, January 29, 2018

BREAKING: Andrew McCabe out at FBI

AoSHQ has it that McCabe is out.  What is unclear is whether he was booted or just resigned. Earlier than anticipated, but I suspect he is still getting his retirement (he might even be able to apply unused sick leave toward it). Government workers get all sorts of nice benefits the rest of the peons out there do not. 

90 Miles from Tyranny: Release The Memo!

Jonathan Turley: Why did McCabe go?

Twitchy: Dirty Jim Comey ♥ Andrew McCabeLooks like McCabe's departure from FBI linked to IG report...

Via AoSHQ:
SARA CARTER: SOURCES TELL ME AGENTS HAVE ACCUSED ANDREW McCABE OF ASKING THEM TO ALTER THEIR FORM 302 WITNESS INTERVIEW RECORDS; WRAY IS WEIGHING THESE ALLEGATIONS; IF TRUE, McCABE WILL BE STRAIGHT-UP FIRED Remember, the FBI famously (notoriously) does not record interviews, so the Form 302 written records are the onlyrecords of FBI interviews that exist. And if Andy McCabe is asking agents to falsify those records...
Stay tuned: She says that if this is true, McCabe could be fired from the FBI in the next few days  
Sara Carter: McCabe asked to resign?

AoSHQ: More on DeepStateGate and McCabe

TOM: Laura Dunn is an evil liar (sort of reminds me of others)


  1. As I understand based on other sources, he is taking his remaining vacation leave to carry him to his actual retirement date. I guess that is the equivalent of being out of sight out of mind. Will NOT prevent him from being charged if there is enough evidence to do so though................

    1. I assumed he was doing something like that, federal workers get all sorts of insanely expensive and generous benefits such as accruing vacation and sick days for retirement.

    2. I read at one place that the IG Report may have information forcing FBI Director to reassign and demote McCabe. A demotion in grade might lower his pension. A conviction wouldn't necessarily revoke his pension, but his demotion would literally cost him and his family. One more reason in my book that politicians and bureaucrats found abusing their authority should automatically lose their retirement benefits. It happens in the military fairly regularly.

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  3. Old fact of life:

    You start a war, you often get more war than you can handle.

    Looks like the FISA memo will be released.

    Welcome to Hiroshima.


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