Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Magnificent Seven of Westeros

Eastwatch is magnificently setting up the finale of Game of Thrones, Season Seven

Transitioning from the Spoils of War to the Wall

USA Today: Best episode of Season 7?  Well it definitely pulled off a difficult task. 
Tormund has something to come back for...

Romper: What did the note in Littlefinger's room say? A good scheming plan by Littlefinger...but it is not your typical House Stark when you have someone like Bran around.

Sam and Gilly appear to be completely married...and yeah that was a clue (to a question we already know the answer). 

Hannah Murray plays Gilly

Winter is Coming: Rhaegar Tarragon

I miss having House Tyrell around...and Diana Rigg rocks

I do not have a list of magnificent seven women of GoT...but there are plenty to choose from.

Cersei: Announcing pregnancy early is bad luck, as is all the wine drinking...

Forbes: Three massive reveals you may have missed  Well the first two you would have to be completely new to the series or drunker than Tyrian on a bender to have missed them. Yes, Jon Snow is really not a bastard and is Targaryen, but he is falling for his aunt. Cersei is doomed, it is just a matter of when. GoT is not exactly subtle when it comes to revealing clues. As for the third, I noted it above and while the old house Stark might have fallen for Littlefinger's schemes, having a see-er three eyed raven brother Bran around makes palace intrigue and Westerosi Fake News way less effective.  

Update: Season 7, Episode 6 was accidentally released in Europe.  The Free Folk have it at Reddit  It is well done.  

Just be careful not to poke a hole through your chain-mail...

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