Thursday, July 27, 2017

Game of Thrones Dead Pool

Which major GoT characters die (and aren't brought back) and the odds

One of the best things of the Walking Dead series is the Talking Dead follow on segment when they go over who didn't make it through that night's episode.

I am putting Jeff Sessions' survival at 1:2 (against)

Forbes: So what's up with Theon?

AoSHQ: Must Read about Fusion GPS

Roger Simon: We need a Special Counsel Here!

AoSHQ:  Fusion GPS (we need some special counsel)

Daily Caller: Firing Sessions could cause a crisis at DOJ
As far as Theon, I am not sure what else he could have done at the end of Stormborn. If he attacked, Euron would have killed his sister (then again he may have killed her anyway). Episode 3 has Euron parading through Kings Landing and Episode 4's title is a bit foreboding...

So is Jeff Sessions really out to save Donald Trump? What is going on with those two? All I know this back and forth between Trump and Sessions is weird.

Hot Air: Playground bullying to get a recess appointment? and Why Jeff Sessions should quit and do Dancing With The Stars

Rush Limbaugh: Rush's new theory on Sessions and TrumpObama holdovers responsible for leaks? (Rush goes with the Godfather analogy)What is really going on with Sessions (it does not make a lot of sense to Rush either), The Canonization of Robert MuellerHow Trump can get rid of Mueller, and Trump wanted Session to be a Brawler

Wombat: BattleSwarm: House Democrat IT Scandal Shoes Start Dropping, Jammie Wearing Fools: Russia Probe – Democrats Block Key Witness Against Shadowy Firm Fusion GPS, Megan McArdle: Employers Rejecting Pot Users Will Pay A High Price, Mark Steyn: Flight And Fancy

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