Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Separated at Birth: Jeff Sessions and...?

Is Jeff Sessions the Reek of the Trump Administration...

But doesn't that makes Donald Trump the Ramsey Bolton?

I get why Trump is upset. I concur that some face saving politically appropriate departure of Jeff Sessions makes sense. But this on going public humiliation makes zero sense to me, other than some sort of weird Kabuki theater or Sessions and Trump being completely dysfunctional. Either option is not good. 

Attacking his own Attorney General in public as he is doing reflects badly on the President. If it is so bad that things are not working out, ask for his resignation and if he refuses fire him. Time it for a recess appointment. If you are going to pull off the band aid or scab, do it quick. 

Congress is passing veto proof sanctions on Russia that Trump cannot roll back. Trump has zero support from Democrats and is losing support with his own party.  

The Mueller probe is a horrible abuse of power. Mueller is no saint, he is a snake. This independent counsel thing should never have happened given there is not even an underlying crime to warrant the investigation, but it did. Part of that blame falls to Jeff Sessions and part of it to President Trump's own hamfistedness surrounding the Comey firing. Meanwhile Democrats' own corruption is ignored and being covered up.  

I am with Instapundit, Sessions position on civil asset forfeiture is grounds enough to fire him. We do not need cops being robbers.

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It’s true.
  • The FBI and DOJ leaderships are indeed politically corrupted. Trump probably hired Sessions to clean them up.
  • Andrew McCabe is indeed a raging Democrat whose wife takes money from Hillary.
  • Special Counsel Mueller does hire only strict Hillary partisans, and looks to be going out of control. (He was supposed to deliver a timely report on 2016 election interference. It looks like that won’t be happening.)
  • Former FBI Director, James “Leaker” Comey, probably was a “fixer” for the Clintons as I explained at length, awhile back.
  • Sessions should indeed be focused on these matters, and on the government leaks (which are probably related to these matters or a good entrance into them) – NOT marijuana.
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