Wednesday, July 19, 2017

President Trump you need to...

Fire Jeff Sessions

President Trump, Jeff Sessions did not do you any favors with his recusal over Russian interference in the election and you ended up with Mueller on a witch hunt (and you are the witch). But this asset forfeiture nonsense is just vile. I am also for leaving the marijuana thing to the states. Jeff Sessions is not helping. You need a new Attorney General.

They pressured you not to fire Sessions following Comey, but what if you had fired Sessions first?  Maybe you would be way better off with a different AG?  It summertime and it is the best time for firing up the grill and a poor performing AG.

Okay, don't fire him. Work to find a replacement and then have him resign.

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  1. If I were Trump I would do nothing simply because the Gray Lady says I said something.

    1. Who said he should do this because the NYT says so? He should have an AG who is willing go after Clinton, Rice, Podesta, Comey, and all those leakers trying to destroy his presidency with a 1000 cuts.


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