Monday, August 7, 2017

Mongols vs. Dothraki: Who would be scarier to face?

Leaving the Dragons out of it:  Mongols vs. Dothraki

The history of the Mongols is fascinating and I would strongly recommend the podcast Dan Carlin's Wrath of Khans  Sometimes truth is more impressive than fiction. The podcast was free, but is now $1.99. It is well worth it. Buy Dan a coffee and download the podcast.  

That is a well choreographed scene...

I will give Game of Thrones this, it did a decent job in showing that Dothraki charge and capturing (at least for a few minutes) what a Mongol calvary charge would have been like. The Mongols were expert horse riders (think circus rider experts) who could shoot arrows effectively from the back of a moving horse. The Mongols did not need dragon airpower to win.  

Drogon was very impressive in the Spoils of War

Dragon vs. AC 130 Gunship?

Dragon vs. A-10 Warthog?


  1. "Mongols vs. Dothraki: Who would be scarier to face?" Gee - given the choices, does one appear any less brutal that the other? ;) LOL. For me. the choice is a coin flip; both entities seem equally well armed and overwhelming. LOL

    1. If you get killed by an invading hord on horseback, it doesn't really matter. Dothraki fiction aside, the truth about the historic Mongols and their tactics are not made up, they really were the bad asses of history.


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