Thursday, June 8, 2017

Will James Comey Perform "As Planned" For The Democrats?

While I am hopeful (given the opening statement released) that Comey tells the truth, I don't trust Comey.  But of course, neither does anyone else. I am not spending the morning drinking, but in a way it would not be a bad idea.  

Instapundit: Powerline: Comey thinks he is a hero of this story, but..., It is looking like Trump told the truth, but..., and Witness Coaching

AoSHQ: Flashback Robert Gates felt compelled to 'pledge his loyalty' to Obama

Roger Simon: The Comey Affair: Much ado about less than nothing...

ZeroHedge: CNN gets it wrong, again...

Powerline: What Comey Will Say

American Power: The media created Trump and it is driving them nuts

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