Thursday, June 8, 2017

Following his hearing, James Comey lands an endorsement gig...

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  1. I heard far more of this stupidity LIVE then I intended. So a few observations:
    When Comey last testified, I bit like a huge fish on the notion that Huma really did just send classified information to her husband to print out, because I want to believe the unimaginable arrogance of Hillary and her friends. But Comey lied about it. Later information said she just backed up her classified blackberry to her husbands laptop, as in plugged it in, probably clicked a few pop-up prompts about new device, and it backed itself up. Had Huma attended proper training, none of that should have happened, but its a much more honest and simple mistake than emailing classified files to a non-classified system to be printed by a person unauthorized to have access.

    That alone is reason enough for Comey to be fired. He entirely misrepresented evidence related to an investigation that improperly tarnished the reputation and character of a suspect that was not prosecuted for any crime or even indicted for a crime. So Trump had every reason to fire the clown.

    What does Comey do today? He admits taking notes in a privileged conversation and gives them to an unnamed friend for the exact purpose of retaliation. Comey then lies about the triggering event of the retaliation (Trump's tweet came after NYTimes published the leaked information). And Comey's argument for being a weak coward (at least he admitted some facts about himself) was that he didn't want the Press following him asking for more information. Oh, and the lie on timing was made to Congress under oath to tell the truth.

    Even Chris Matthews now is out saying that Trump collusion with Russia is a nothing burger, but then intelligent people figured that out long ago. Comey made clear that Trump didn't interfere with any investigation, because there was no investigation. To the extent Flynn was under investigation, Comey made clear that any meddling by Trump was far less than the previous Administrations efforts to interfere with the Hillary investigation. Comey also made clear that Russia attacked the United States, yet the only evidence he provides is an assertion that the intelligence community agrees on this, but nobody can provide any evidence of the attack. Comey made clear all that, but the fact that he has been caught lying to Congress twice means we can't really be sure any of those things are true.

    This brings us back to the simple fact that Trump not only was in his legal rights to fire Comey but had enough cause to do so.

    Thank you Congress, NYTimes, ABC, CNN, NBC, and WaPo for wasting so much time and money to establish absolutely nothing.

    All this reminds me of the charade of Governor Perry being arrested and arraigned for legally executing his constitutional veto authority to deny state funds to a drunk and corrupt Travis County DA. The end result is an awesome literal mug shot of Rick Perry and the recognition that in Texas, the Governor really can veto legislation for whatever reason he wants.

    1. Well said.

      But of course Trump could fire Comey at will. For example, because Mr. Leaky...I mean Comey always smells like a urinal in a bus station would be reason enough.

    2. I can imagine it.
      NYTimes: "anonymous source reports Trump said Comey smelled like a bus station urinal".

      @RealDonaldTrump: "How would I know what a bus station urinal smells like?"

      Congressional Democrats: "We want Comey to come here, drop his pants, so we can sniff his crotch, because we think he smells normal to us".

      NBC/ABC/CNN: "Comey to testify he uses eau de toilette, Trump caught lying!"

      Comey to Congress: "Well I did actually bath in the Union Station urinal on the way to see Trump, but I didn't think he was smart enough to know the difference, so I took notes to prank him later."

      NBC/ABC/CNN/NYTimes: "Correction, Comey actually bathed in the toilet. Trump was right."


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