Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Rat and the Cat: James Comey Feared Being Alone With President Trump Update: Comey confirms he told Trump 3x he was not under investigation!

Comey is a craven and cowardly Clinton tool, but reports are lowering exceptions for Thursday direct attack on Trump.  Rather he will just pull the same stunt he did with the Clinton email probe. But who knows, maybe he will surprise us. You can not trust a rat.  

Rush Limbaugh: Comey's Opening Statement and Hype

WSJ: Wray for FBI Director

Don Surber: Republicans Trump the Press

Milo: CNN finds its anonymous source is a liar

Hot Air: Never Told Anyone? Comey has some explaining to do

Right Scoop: Top intel officials say no pressure bv Trump or WH in Russia investigation

Lem's Place: Trump Tweets: Frame first and you win and  FBI had evidence of leak larger than Snoden's?

The Blaze: Comey confirms he told Trump on three separate occasions that Trump was not under investigation

Instapundit: No obstruction of justiceSpecial Counsel is Coaching ComeyCoats and Rogers: No pressure from Trump

Legal Insurrection: If this is all Comey has, it will not be what the Democrats were hoping for...

Wombat: Louder With Crowder: Trump Proposes Solar Panels For The Wall, Liberals Flabbergasted and Don Surber: Sessions Drains A Slush Fund

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