Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mr. President: Cowboy Up

I can't believe I am agreeing with Piers Morgan, but he is right (at least in part).

Yes Lincoln had it worse. Obama was hardly faced heat, given the media was overwhelmingly protecting him.  Clinton got a pass too, with help from the media. Trump has a media out to destroy him. A lot of these attacks are fake news. As far as assignation attempts, give it time.  

Whining does not make thing better: Mr. President, you are hurting yourself way more than your critics. You need to stop. Work on your agenda and stop freaking out over your attackers. If you get your agenda through and get some accomplishments done, that will go a long way. We never expected the media to be fair (less us call them out as the scum they are). Don't be a victim. That is what losers do. 

Lem's Place: A Slow-Motion Coup d’état? Yep. Fake News?

Instapundit: Lots of fake news. Ignore the Fake News, the elites are the problem

WaPo: Erick Erickson and the 'I told you so chorus' of Never Trumpers. It is not just the President who has to "cowboy up."  In response to Erick "Depends" Erickson, yes President Trump needs to get back on track, but you know how the GOP really loses, not supporting the president in getting through those things we do want: Tax reform and getting rid of Obamacare.  Trump is not the problem.


  1. I seem to recall this same discussion last year.

    Cernovich is an hysteric. Trump knows what he's doing.

    1. Cernovich is a hysteric? What are you referring to? I think you mean Morgan.

    2. It's not the "same" discussion. Now it is the Dems trying to get Trump distracted in the short term and fire up their base for the midterms. And oh yeah, I do not recall a Special Prosecutor being named last year. But even Morgan (who can be a hysteric) is right the President has to look like he is above it.


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