Friday, May 12, 2017

If this constitutes "American Conservatism" we might as well throw in the towel now...

Is your tantrum over Erick, do you need some ice cream?

RedState: Maybe Trump Is Right...

TOM: Erick buck up just a bit, this is the Democrat base...

Instapundit: Even Vox is showing more sanity and As the Orcs were made in parody of the Elves...

While Trump obviously could have handled firing Comey better, there is NOTHING wrong with Trump firing Comey. Comey, like any FBI Director, serves at the pleasure of the President and can be fired for any reason.  Given how erratic Comey was leading up to this election, it was the right choice. As for the delay, Trump wanted to have his own AG and Deputy AG in place. Given how malicious planted officials like Sally Yates were, it would be reckless to do anything other than that.

President Trump should have asked for Comey's resignation and done that in person. Trump should have had the WH geared up to deal with this story properly from the start. Having Comey find out on TV only serves to belittle the President and alienate the FBI (even if they were unhappy with Comey, they are going to defend him in a situation like that).

Does Erick Erickson want to join forces with "conservatives" like David Frum, David Brooks, Jennifer Rubin, and Evan McMullin? Because that is how you really do fail. Those voices are death to conservative success. Trump has his flaws, for sure, but you will get more out of encouraging him to do the right thing than flailing around everytime the Democrats gin up another shit storm.

And Mr. Trump should absorb and consider some of this criticism. Newt Gingrich is right about this: “At some point, I hope he’s going to learn that taking one extra day, having the entire team lined up. I don’t think he always helps himself. I think 10 percent less Trump would be a hundred percent more effective.”

Still, while Trump is far from perfect, the completely OTT reaction to this week's event probably results (in the long term) in a push between Democrats and Trump. The GOPe and certain conservatives need to show a bit of backbone.

Political Clown Parade: A Constitutional Crisis: Two Scoops

As AoSHQ linked to, the Bookworm Room notes Craven Cowards at the FBI (and how fish rot from the head first). Comey had to go.

GOPe: The Donald is not an asset to the Abbey?

Instapundit: American Greatness: Trump is smart enough to remember what happened to the Bush Administration with Valerie Plame  And to you Democrats and NeverTrumpers, why didn't you call for a special prosecutor when Obama was in office?

NY Post: Comey firing a gift for the FBI

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Daily Caller: Ann Coulter ready to jump off the Trump train?  She will always have Bill Maher...


  1. The passive aggressive thing is to ask for Comey's resignation. I believe to the extent Comey cost Hillary the election is he represented the latest government official that needed be flat out fired, not given a golden parachute of a federal retirement and the honor of his own terms. People watched Trump interrupt the sanctimonious, giving their excuse for the inexcusable, to fire them. That's what they want now.

    The real issue isn't a faux crisis from Comey's firing. It is why hasn't Koskinen been fired?

    1. Well, Comey gets his federal retirement regardless. Trump handled the PR angle of this badly and did manage to piss off some of the FBI in doing this. That said, he is on a roll, go fire Koskinen too.

  2. BTW, I don't care what any poll says. I'm confident that the majority of the electorate is looking at the BS coming from DC over the last two days and are having enough of the schadenfreude. As Insty noted, when even VOX is explaining the hysteria is unwarranted, perhaps you have taken it too far. It's bad. It's so bad, that the chuckle of "You wanna know how to get more Trump, because this is how you get more Trump"; just isn't enough. The recent behavior of the DC punditry is how you lose the entire confidence of the electorate.

    1. People mostly do not give a shit about the Faux-Drama coming from the Democrats and the Media. But the Dems are hoping to keep the frenzy up to motivate their base to hurt the GOP badly in the midterms. It is going to be a long 18 months.


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