Saturday, August 8, 2015

How Do You Solve A Problem Like The Donald?

"The Donald's not an asset to the abbey!"

I did my post appreciating DaTechGuy's post about treating women as equals (obviously Megyn Kelly is fully capable of defending herself from comments by Donald Trump). Peter was not impressed with Donald latest tweet about Megyn Kelly. I thought Trump's tweet was stupid, because how does tweeting something like that help Donald Trump?  It was not funny, even if he did not mean in as it was taken--it just seemed petty. Here is how I think Donald Trump should have answered Megyn Kelly:
"You know something Kelly, sometimes I am rude, but I do not discriminate in my attacks. I also treat women in my organization as equals and pay them accordingly, unlike Hillary Clinton. And you know what is really sexist? Bill Clinton using his position to sexually abuse an intern and then Hillary Clinton helping him to destroy that girl. You should be more offended by that than my occasional outbursts..."
Smitty supports Erickson Kicking Trump Out Of RSG.  It is Erickson's event, it is his call not mine--but there is something to be said for basic manners. Ronald Reagan did not act like a boar for good reason. You need to win votes every place you can get them and if you manage to alienate enough people you will not win.  

This is a side show. I do not see Donald Trump as the enemy. I see him as Donald Trump. Anyone who has paid attention to Trump over the past few decades knows this is what he is like. Trump's rise in the polls is mostly due to dissatisfaction with how the GOP operates and ignores its own base and conservative principles. If that does not change, the GOP is doomed.  

Nate Silver: Why Trump won't win a war with FoxNews and Watch Trump's Favorability Numbers. Well Nate's first story is sort of interesting, except FoxNews sure seemed to be setting Donald Trump up in that debateGuess who also does not like Donald Trump?

Instapundit: Trump is the symptom, lousy GOP leadership is the disease (yes, a thousand times yes), Roger Stone: Quit or Fired?, Roger Simon on Donald Trump on Foreign Affairs, and Classiest Campaign Ever

Twitchy: Ok, Jonah Goldberg having second thoughts about Trump

EBL: This early election cycle is about as much fun as a barrel full of...

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  1. You just let him go and let him inflict as much damage on the Lefties, wherever they may be, as he wants.

  2. NON-conservative, NON-Republican Trump is not damaging the Dems one iota. He's dividing and destroying the GOP. He's offered no solutions. All he's done is to say, quite clumsily, that there are negative consequences to our porous borders. Old guys, sitting around the neighborhood cafe drinking coffee, can do the same thing. In fact, they do. Every morning, they gather around and identify all that's wrong in the world. Some offer short-sighted solutions that frequently are impractical or would create worse situations. That's all Trump has done. He pointed to one--one--problem we face.

    And the GOP has gone nuts over him.

    The Dems couldn't have prayed and been granted a better gift. All this attention on Trump puts Hillary back into the shadows, where she's content to hide from her scandals. Any publicity is good publicity is not true. Rush Limbaugh is plentifully well-known by lefties and no amount of additional coverage is going to increase their estimation of him. Trump is detracting from the issues that we should focus on. National debt, our declining reputation in the world, Planned Parenthood, the declining work force, real-world solutions to immigration, and other problems that average people care about.

    Time for voters to reject him, so he can slink back under his rock.


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