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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Paola Nuñez

I sort of like The Son on AMC, even if the dialog and acting sometimes fails miserably (seriously, who is writing the dialog for characters Sally McCullough and Prairie Flower--because I am pretty sure upper middle class women in the early 20th and young Comanche women of the mid 19th century did not talk the way that show depicts).

The magic of period pieces is to get us into the story. If something does not ring true, it throws you off.

Paola Nuñez's character Maria García, however, is believable and her dialog seems authentic.  So she gets a Rule 5:

I like Elizabeth Frances, but who ever is writing her part as Prairie Flower is not getting the dialog right for a Comanche woman in the mid 1800s...

Jess Weixler's dialog, who is playing Sally McCullough, just not ring true for early 20th Century Texas

The Son needs a decent accent coach and work on capturing period dialog. The Wild Bunch, Lonesome Dove, Jeremiah Johnson and the Searchers are examples of movies and TV shows that pulled it off well. You may disagree (it is a subjective thing) and is one of those things that works for you or doesn't.

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