Saturday, May 20, 2017

Anderson "Pooper" Cooper: Your comment actually sums up your coverage of the Obama years

EBL: Who is calling who a BS-er?

Instapundit: This Is CNN

Twitchy: Anderson Cooper loses it on Jeffrey Lord

Legal Insurrection: Political Mouth-frothing Has Reached Unbearable Levels

NRO: We are going insane. I would not use a collective "we" but yes there is insanity.

I do not relish seeing Fox News melt down, since it is the alternative to the madness of the rest:
But I have never liked Bob Beckel, but he would fit in well over at CNN.


  1. I don't watch CNN; did Jeffrey Lord respond by pointing out all the intelligence Obama gave to the Russians, even against the protest of our allies? I'm doubting it, because CNN does these things knowing how squishy DC Republicans are at defending themselves. This is a "how dare you moment"; this should be "if you really believe this, then lets open the floodgates and investigate the last President for releasing intel; and for certain, despite Comey's recommendation, let's have a Prosecutor take a shot at using the collected evidence to put Hillary Clinton in jail."

    1. I did not see the whole segment, but typically they let Jeffrey Lord make some positive comments about Trump and then the CNN panel bashes him over it.


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