Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our Cowardly Craven GOP Elites...

I do like this scene from Braveheart. I am not suggesting Donald Trump is the equivalent William Wallace, but the corrupt Scottish nobles above are almost spot on for our GOPe...

The Democrats are liars and hypocrites, but the behavior of certain "conservatives" just disgust me. The only way to stop this is to punish Republicans who side with the Democrats. It cannot be tolerated.  

Instapundit: VDH: The nightmare and realities of Never TrumpCamille Paglia: Democrats colluding with media to create chaos (the GOPe is in on it too), ReasonTrump Derangement SyndromeToo bad Mueller's not looking at Hillary's uranium dealHey, it is fun to watch Keith Olbermann freak out and Elizabeth Price Foley is right, Trump's alleged statements are not obstruction of justice

Rush Limbaugh: Why isn't the GOP defending Trump?Why isn't Trump caving to the media? (Coast Guard Speech), War on the Establishment

WFB: DNC not satisfied with Mueller Well no kidding, the Dems (and some NeverTrumper "Conservatives") won't be satisfied till Trump is drawn and quartered like Wallace

Legal Insurrection: Coast Guard Speech and Potential FBI Directors dropping out

Daily Caller: Can Paul Ryan walk and chew gum at the same time?

Lem's Place: Make leaking classified info great again

AoSHQ: Robert Mueller appointed special counsel

Conservative Treehouse: Brilliant? Let's see...

Hot Air: Mueller and Dershowitz

Smitty: Betters side with media

EBL: GOPe gift idea

Hot Air: Our GOP Elites

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