Monday, May 15, 2017

This would make a nice present for any GOPe or NeverTrumpers you may know...

For those GOPe and NeverTrumpers you may know...

You can criticize the President for the ham-fisted roll out of the Comey firing. The President definitely deserves that. It was poorly handled from a media/PR perspective. Donald Trump needs to learn how to manage his White House and media roll outs or it will hurt his presidency (this is a very different world for him than his life before politics and even coverage during his campaign). He also has the handicap of having a press that is almost 100% hostile to him and his agenda (which is more reason for him and his team to be more disciplined).  

My advice to the President: You cannot fully control the media, but you can diminish their power to hurt you. The responsibility for controlling the message from the outset goes to the President. It is okay. Learn from mistakes. Do it better next time. Control leaking from your own people. Stop stepping on your agenda.  

The decision to fire Comey was not wrong. Comey had to go. So to the GOPe and NeverTrumpers (who are still supposedly conservative), buck or cowboy up and stop hyperventilating. You are embarrassing us all. While I am critical of Erick Erickson over his reaction to this (and other things too), I also think he is a conservative and means well--but Erick needs to stop panicking! 

There are a few NeverTrumpers who should be shunned by all Republicans and Conservatives. They are not conservative and they are corrosive and damaging to all conservatives (not just Trump). A lot of them were just as bad before Donald Trump and will be just as bad after Trump is gone. I will give you a list to start: David Brooks, David Frum, Jennifer Rubin, Kathleen Parker, Evan "The Deadbeat" McMullin. These individuals should be rejected by everyone on the right.

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