Monday, May 8, 2017

Accused Boy Molester And Democrat Mayor Ed Murray Not Running For Reelection... Update: Accused Molester Mayor Resigns

Seattle is a major city. If Ed Murray was a Republican, the media would be going nuts over this story. But because he is a gay man who is alleged to have targeted under aged boys, most of the media will give him a pass.  

Look on the bright side. It is sort of slightly encouraging that allegations of boy molestation are still frowned upon in a very blue city like Seattle.  

John Hawkins: At least Ed Murray is taking on the evils of soda! Because it is all about the kids!

Wombat: Joe For America: At Corruption Trial, Dem Rep Corrine Brown Found To Have Spent Charity’s Money On Daughter’s $750 Birthday Cake; Da Tech Guy: France Rejects First Woman President – Where Is The MSM Outrage?


  1. He'll slide right into a job at NAMBLA....

  2. I'll wager you the bulk of the gay lobby wants not a blessed thing to do with NAMBLA. They're bad for business, and, in any case, guys in trench coats are not Fabulous.

  3. My gut tells me one of these chaps is on the level, one was episodically hustling and would rather not admit to being culpable, and one was in essence a prostitute who now wants a pay day. None of their claims are facially incredible and it does indicate something important about his character and sensibilities - then and now.


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