Monday, April 10, 2017

Is Seattle Mayor and Democrat Ed Murray a child molester?

Democrat and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

Murray denies the accusations. While the accusers are troubled individuals with criminal pasts, they supposedly can confirm facts that help verify their stories. There won't be any criminal charges, since it is well past the statute of limitations. But civil lawsuits of this nature can be brought many years later.    

For April, TOM is focused on addressing sexual assault cases feminists and Democrats seem to forget: Choate Hall: Decadent and Depraved, Emma Watson: Goodwill Ambassador for UN Child RapeStudent suicide after punishment by activist via Title IX, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Anti-Christian terrorist threatens churches, Sexual Assault Awareness Month (softball),  Florida Workplace Violence, Obama illegal alien rapes and (allegedly) kills step daughter, Ugly woman goes crazy over hetero-normalacy

Instapundit: It's Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Seattle Times: A fourth man accuses Ed Murray of paying him for underage gay sex

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