Monday, April 10, 2017

Neil Gorsuch to be sworn in today to the Supreme Court of the United States

Judge Gorsuch sworn onto Supreme Court today...

The Atlantic's Jeffrey Rosen argues that while in judicial philosophy, Gorsuch is very similar to Antonin Scalia--Gorsuch would be more Jeffersonian (as opposed to Scalia's Hamiltonian tendencies). Whether that is true or not remains to be seen. While the Atlantic suddenly is all for restraints on executive power (imagine that), the truth is Gorsuch would be equally tough and fair regardless of who is in office--if there are constitutional issues at play. That is exactly what we want in a Supreme Court justice.   

I assume that I will not agree with every decision Justice Gorsuch makes; I also suspect he will not be a disappointment like many Republican appointed justices turn out. Justice Gorsuch is a very worthy successor to Justice Scalia and (possibly) could be as good and maybe better. It will take time to see if that is the case.  

Law News: Would Justice Gorsuch find Trump's Syria Airstrikes Unconstitutional? Given how much executive authority we have given to presidents over the years, I am going to guess probably not. But if the Supreme Court did curtail presidents from initiating military action, I would be ok with that.  Less power with the Executive Branch and more with Congress is probably a healthy thing. And a lot less law making power should be with the Judicial Branch...just sayin! 

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