Monday, May 8, 2017

Anansi | Mr. Nancy: American Gods with bonus Gillian Anderson

American God's had a very modern twist on a middle passage slave revolt. I enjoyed Mr. Nancy's character in the novel and I like Orlando Jones' take on him (although this particular scene in last night's show was not in the novel). While the language is obviously modern and stylized, there was also a sly take on how "the trickster" operates.

Vanity Fair and Orland Jones suggest that Donald Trump is the trickster. We will have to see how his administration and presidency play out, but so far the facts would not support the theory that Trump supporters are being played. As for #BlackLivesMatter, the stronger case for deception of their followers can be made.

The "new gods" such as Media really don't have anything on the "old gods" other than perhaps broader delivery. But the underlying lesson remains: Be careful who you pray to, they may not have your best interests at heart.

EBL: American Gods and Yetide Badaki

American God's gives us our first look at Media


  1. For a bit, Ms Anderson was considered as the new 007.

    Bond, Jane Bond.

    A seasoned, good-looking female agent who could use her womanly wiles, as well as all of Q's gadgets.

    Interesting idea.

  2. That still pic of Gillian....she looks like Eve Arden!


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