Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Killing O'Reilly

He might as well start his next book...

I do not see how this benefits Fox News, but we will see. Seems like the big winner out of all of this is CNN and MSNBC.  
AoSHQ: O'Reilly out at Fox and Is O'Reilly Out? What does Drudge know?
Instapundit: Why Rush survived and O'Reilly diedNYM: O'Reilly has to goFox to cut ties with Bill O'Reilly

EBL: Bill's Babes or O'Reilly's Angels

Rush Limbaugh: O'Reilly out at Fox

Legal Insurrection: O'Reilly Out

Powerline: In Re Bill O'Reilly

Don Suber: Fox News RIP

TOM: Regime Change

NRO: O'Reilly Out

WFB: Katy Tur asks, does Fox News have a responsibility to replace Bill O'Reilly with someone who is not a white man?  Hmmm, my answer to Katy would be if that person is someone like Allen West, I would be thrilled. But to further answer Katy, I do think MSNBC has a responsibility to replace Katy Tur with a person of color. I would suggest someone like Stacy Dash!

Eeeewww!  Katy Tur used to date Keith Olbermann

Daily Caller: Jim Treacher points out to Ms. Tur that NBC fired a talented beautiful black woman for some over paid white hussy from Fox News

EBL: Racist meanies at NBC push out sister of color for cold ice princess

Lem Levity: Fox News is Over: Stick a fork in them they are done

Hollywood Reporter: Murdoch Family Feud

Bloomberg: Fox News can take the hit?  and Why the tide turned on O'Reilly

Legal Insurrection: Why Rush survived and O'Reilly Died

Roger Simon: Is Firing O'Reilly really about Trump?

Powerline: O'Reilly Parts Three and Four

American Lookout: Killing O'Reilly

American Greatness: Pile On!

American Thinker: Justice for Bill O'Reily

FMJRA and Rule 5

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