Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Joined by Hate and Evil: Dylann Roof and Kori Ali Mohammed...

Dylann Roof and Kori Ali Mohammed have something in common...

There are people who are just plain evil. Mental illness may be part of it, but it is certainly not the whole answer--they are still culpable for their actions. Evil ideologies also play a roll, be it Dylann Roof's racism or Kori Ali Mohammed's mix of racism and radical Islam. They are influenced by evil thoughts and then go carry them out, as these two above did. And you can throw the recent Facebook murderer in too, who was not apparently racist--he just hated everyone, until he was about to be caught and killed himself.   

I do not want to give these individuals attention and publicity, because it helps encourage future attacks. But how do you not speak of these events?  

My prayers and condolences to their victims. I can only pray and hope God delivers us from this scourge and that society gets better at identifying these individuals before they strike out against the innocent.  

Legal Insurrection: AP whitewashes attack and Spree Killer

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