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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Aaron Hernandez dead from apparent suicide the day before the Patriots are scheduled to visit the White House...

Winner vs Loser

Seems odd that Hernandez would kill himself a few days after he was acquitted on two additional murder charges. But it was probably unlikely he would have successfully appealed the murder charge he was convicted on that resulted in a life sentence. The timing just before the Patriot's White House visit is probably not coincidental either. While he was a successful football player, the individual had demons that destroyed his life (and those around him, including at least one victim). Never doubt there is evil in this world. Aaron Hernandez is dead at 27.  

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Twitchy: Aaron Hernandez commits suicide in prison. As Katie Pavlich notes, we lose veterans to suicide every day who will get far less attention that this convicted murderer.  

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