Thursday, April 20, 2017

Evan McMullin, in debt, but still out there...

Legal Insurrection: Evan McMullin in Debt

Don't count out McMullin though, he is willing to reach across to Progressives to explore #NeverTrump possibilities and may be emboldened to run for Jason Chaffetz's seat. Hopefully Utah voters will spare us the annoyance of him even being nominated.

EBL: Did #NeverTrumper Evan McMuffin take out Milo?,  Evan McMullin reaches out to Progressives, and Are we really supposed to take this McMuffin fellow seriously?

AoSHQ: Egg McMuffin in debt after vanity campaign

Twitchy: Swinging for the Fences!

Instapundit: Connect the dots!

Legal Insurrection: Chaffetz!

Daily Mail: Chaffetz to resign tomorrow?  He denies but who is the unnamed 'source' in Utah?

TOM: Assaults and Berkeley: College Instructor Eric Clanton ID as assaulter?

Hot Air: Please Utah, anyone but McMuffin for U.S. Senate!


  1. He will still be out there as a political gadfly and I'm sure that eventually he'll be elected to something - even if it's only to be a dog catcher.

  2. He isn't in debt. It's the McMullin 2016 campaign that's in debt. You don't think he's actually personally in jeopardy for that. This will be totally new and different.

    1. We do not know if he personally guaranteed debt (many creditors require that, especially with a less famous candidate)--but you can be sure future creditors will not be willing to loan him services without some guarantee of payment.

  3. Not sure what the shaldenfreude fest here is for.

    He's never been in serious electoral politics, may be completely ill-suited for it, and has done and can do other things with his life. He has the same problem that Christine O'Donnell (a very different sort of character) had: he needs to get his life sorted out, and being in the public eye is not the way to accomplish that.


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