Sunday, December 11, 2016

Are we really supposed to take this McMuffin fellow seriously?

I get having disagreements about Tillerson for Secretary of State, but to declare this pick proves Trump is not a loyal American is the biggest load of claptrap I have heard in a while.  I expect over the top nonsense like this from Paul Krugman and George Stephanopoulos.

You tried to be a spoiler and that failed (thank God--all you would have done is elect Hillary). If you want to petition for Romney over Tillerson, fair enough, but lay off the hyperbole.  Seriously Evan McMuffin, come back when you have something serious to talk about.


  1. Now that I know Hillary Clinton will never be the President; it's time to cut off the news again. After awhile, you realize it is all just a variation on Buzzfeed.

    Speaking of Buzzfeed, my wife went to the Magnolia Farm Silos this weekend. The store averages 35,000 people a week, with their busiest day 9700 visitors in one day.

    Oh, and I think the idea of Tillerson is genius for promoting trade. Exxon has projects with Capex expenditures above NASA, and they work the projects worldwide with delivery in 5 years. NASA's ISS took about a decade after Clinton got it redesigned to include the Russians.

    1. The suggestion it is akin to treason to support Tillerson is madness. This McMuffin is not helping Mitt Romney, he is just coming off as a lefty loon.


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