Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rex Tillerson at State? Update: DailyMail says it's Tillerson

It sure seemed that Rush Limbaugh was practically announcing it yesterday when he was discussing Cathy McMorris Rodgers going to the Department of Interior.  Tillerson and Romney are both qualified for the job. Tillerson backed Jeb in the election. The biggest difference is Tillerson's business ties to Putin and Russia. 

I am interested where John Bolton is right now.  Rand Paul has said he would block him for Secretary of State (because of Bolton's past support for the Iraq War).  I assume he is not in line for the top job, but what about a deputy position at State? I disagree with Rand that Bolton is a war monger. What I like about Bolton is he has the inclination and attitude to help who ever is the Secretary clean out the Augean Stable that is our current State Department.  

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  1. I give Tillerson an edge over Romney. Bolton will take whatever is offered and can make a meaningful contribution, but I can't see him in the big chair.


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