Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Did #NeverTrumper Evan "Egg McMuffin" McMullin take out Milo?

I do not know if what Gateway Pundit is claiming about Evan McMullin is true or not. Caleb Q. Washington does make the point on the timing of this being intended to inflict maximum damage on Milo. I also find it revealing how many leftists tended to pair up with establishment Republicans and so called 'principled Conservatives' on the right.

I defended Milo. I do not care for his over his top gay shtick, but in short bursts he can show himself to be a hell of a debater on free speech and libertarian positions. I enjoy that ability of Milo. No, he's not a conservative. But as a gadfly, he can take the media and Left on and he is good at it.

CPAC knew what they were getting with Milo. Once the invitation was made they should have stuck with it. They are cowards, but what else is new with CPAC.

I do not support teens having sex with adults. But as Robert Stacy McCain noted recently, we have a state apparatus that will crush an 18 year old for consensual relations with a younger teen. And we have a cult of celebrity that gives a pass to Lena Dunham and Roman Polanski. Do I need to point out the hypocrisy of the MSM almost completely ignoring Obama's "fisting" czar who counseled (among other things) a 15 year old teen about having sex in a bus station with an older stranger.

Milo has some demons he is dealing with. Milo just walked into a media buzz saw.

Just like when they say it's about "protecting" the children, it's not about the children. This is really not about Milo either. This is about people with an agenda damaging Breitbart (where Milo is an editor) and hopefully Steve Bannon and ultimately Trump.

Is McMullin behind this takedown of Milo? All I know is there are plenty on the Left and NeverTrumpers crowd who just got quite aroused.

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  1. Colonel Klink worked for the CIA.

    Bet he's got a few skeletons, too.

    And, yeah, the NeverTrumpers are just dough faces, doing the Demos' bidding.

    And we all know what happens to collaborators.


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