Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hillary Shattered but still out there...

Shattered is a scathing look at inside the Clinton Campaign. While it is highly unlikely that Hillary Clinton will ever be President of the United States, you can never count her out completely. Hillary is probably still hunting for the spies among her advisers and then she can plot her return to power...

AoSHQ: Chelsea!

Legal Insurrection: Messaging

Don Surber: Why Hillary Lost

AoSHQ: Hillary on a witch hunt?

Michelle Malkin: Hillary hunting for leaks

Legal Insurrection: Democrats forgot how to win

Commentary: O'Reilly and Hillary no longer a factor

Daily Wire: Pyrrhic scalps: More pro Trump and higher ratings?

NPR: Shattered picks through the broken pieces of Hillary's dream

TOM: Hatey Harvard Feminist and How bad was Hillary's campaign?

Camille Paglia: Donald Trump is headed for re-election because of Democrats

Twitchy: Hillary Happy Pictures (Mocktastic), Awkward Clinton campaign gathering

NRO: 'Shattered' shows how dysfunctional Clinton Campaign and Shattered Hillary and O'Reilly

Wombat: American Thinker: Shattered – A New Fairy Tale About How Hillary “Forgot” White Voters

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