Thursday, April 20, 2017

Shooting in Paris: Champs Elysées Closed Update: ISIS claims it did it

AoSHQ: Hollande convinced there is a terrorist connection to this shooting

Financial Times: French authority find arms, bomb making equipment and ISIS flag in Marseilles two days ago

Bloomberg: French Election Shocker: 4 way race

Politico: Le Pen and Marcon neck and neck

Mark Steyn: Writing it down and La vie en rose

CNN: Fresno shooting a hate crime too

TOM: Tad Cummings Arrested

Heavy: ISIS claims it did it

Twitchy: AP steps in it

Instapundit: The French: Coming Apart and Terrorist attack on Champs Elysées

Powerline: Paris Terrorist previously jailed for trying to kill cops and Paris Attack Updates

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  1. I guess they had it coming since they drew a cartoon insulting the prophet. Of so we've been told in the past.


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