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Monday, January 23, 2017

Marco Rubio makes the right decision on Rex Tillerson...

I did not see any upside for Marco Rubio to vote no, and apparently neither did Marco Rubio.  I doubt even Mitt Romney was lobbying against Rex Tillerson.  

Smart move by Rubio. What does this possible protest vote do, endear Rubio to the all so powerful McMuffin-McPuffin wing of the GOP?  I am sure Schumer would be happy to use Little Marco again like he did during the Gang of Eight fiasco. That did not exactly work out well for Marco then. What makes him think that is a good idea now?

If Marco voted no on this, he might find himself abandoned as a GOP castaway on an island, without even his 'luxury' speedboat to escape on. No Senator wants to be an island.  

 I can understand Rex Tillerson not being Marco Rubio's first choice for Secretary of State, but President Trump gets to make this pick. To his credit, Rex Tillerson did display a certain degree of moxy I sort of liked.  Smart decision by Rubio to back off this ledge.

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Heat Street: Little Marco mocked for voting for Rex Tillerson after tough talk at hearing.  This was an unforced error on Rubio's part. What is the upside of doing this in the first place? Still, he did not double down on stupid by voting no after being abandoned by McCain and Graham.  So he has that going for him.

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