Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WARNING: You can never unsee this...

I doubt even that cup is big enough for the amount of crap out of these two...

Senator Rubio, remember how that Gang of Eight press conference turned out for you.  Don't make the same mistake again. Do you really want to join forces against Donald Trump with the media and the 'deep state'? Because Trump is winning that war. You do not have to throw in completely with Trump, but killing Rex Tillerson's chances in committee is not a hill to die on. 

We all get Putin is bad. Guess what, so are some of China, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Cuba and Venezuela's leaders (and the list goes on).  

If you have legitimate concerns about Rex Tillerson, why not quietly and directly present them to President Elect Trump?  After all, what you are engaged in is Advise and Consent.  I would try the advise part first (and sometimes a public hearing is not the best time to do that). 

Tillerson was not my first choice, but then again, I am not President Elect. What I have heard so far in the hearings does not even remotely go to disqualification status for Tillerson. I would think you might even agree with this. While the Senate has the right to consent, there is something to be said about letting the President pick who he wants. And be careful the crowd you hang out with

You should pick and choose your battles more carefully.  

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  1. I thought Rubio came across as lame...possibly a Democrat. Living up to his "Little Marco" moniker.

    1. We all get Putin is a bad actor. But then again so are China, Iran, Pakistan, the list goes on. What got me about Marco's questioning is he was posing (they weren't substantive) and seemed aimed at driving a wedge on USA and Russian relations out of the gate. Is Little Marco water carrying for McCain and Graham? We do not need this shit on the GOP side.

  2. I haven't watched any of the hearings. Primarily because I'm bored with idiot politicians, and what I have heard in the past 48 hours suggests that don't deserve my precious time, even if some think that means I'm not respecting their first amendment rights (and yeah, I've read that argument too!) Perhaps my disinterest is a blessing for Rubio; who I considered for awhile when Cruz began looking weak in the primaries; until the GOPe decided rather than backing Rubio (who think had a plausible argument for winning) to back Kasich (whose only argument was Ohio's primary was late in the game and he could squeak out a win there, finally!).

    I still think Tillerson is an excellent choice for Sec State after working as the CEO for a large company that has business dealings around the world. Yeah, he knows how to negotiate with Russians, as well other nations who might not be the best to do business with, but either you believe in the hope of free trade and global freedoms, or you don't. If you don't; then don't tell me how "the wall" is bad, how we need sanctuary cities, and take money from the US Chamber of Commerce.

    And personally; I still like Reagan with "Trust but Verify" when it comes to the Russians. But if they are the bad guys; when are we cancelling our contracts for Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and releasing the Russians from their obligation to support the ISS, rather than go built Mir II, which they and the Chinese are ready to go do? We do know who negotiated these deals? President Clinton gave us ISS, and President Bush cancelled the Space Shuttle and gave us Soyuz missions. President Obama really just ignored NASA for 8 years (a godsend for the commercial space companies!)


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