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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

So have the Russians compromised Donald Trump?

You know what is really funny, Hillary will still not be president...

AoSHQ is skeptical (so am I) but we wait to find out...

I am sure the Russians are going all sorts of things to compromise people (if they can).  4chan claims it invented the story to embarass #NeverTrumpers.  I just pray the rumored McCain Graham sex tapes never get released.

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  1. Allah quips that because Allah hates Trump.

  2. I think the intelligence service needs to investigate 4chans interference in the US government. Right after the intelligence service explains US involvement in Israeli elections, or for that matter the coup in Egypt that ousted Mubarak. Until then, I'll recognize that Trump has plenty more to do than to screw call girls in Russia. Have you seen his wife? And if she's not available, why would he fly to Russia to get girls he could easily fly to him. Those things should have been the first clues that the dossier was fake.


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