Thursday, January 5, 2017

Chuck Schumer Warns Trump To Nominate A "Main Stream" Supreme Court Pick, Or Else...

Chuck Schumer is probably trying to rile up his base (going on MSNBC) and hoping for the long shot chance he can bluff Trump into a poor SCOTUS pick. I suspect President Elect Trump knows picking Scalia's replacement is an important test for him. 

There are plenty on the right not eager to expand the nuclear option. Still, if Trump picks a solid but conservative nominee to replace Antonin Scalia and the Democrats filibuster, you can expect there will be a strong push for going nuclear.  

I would be all for that.  

EBL: Hey GOPe, Do Not Screw This Up..., Diane Sykes for SCOTUS (and Pryor would be excellent too), The Borking of Bannon and they will try to do the same to Sessions

And of course Trump will have clowns to the left of him, jokers (and incompetents) to the right, but President Trump and the GOPe better pick and fully support a worthy replacement for Justice Scalia:

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