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Friday, November 18, 2016

Hey GOPe, do not screw this up...

To The GOPe: You have a couple of critical missions to accomplish in the near future. First is replacing Antonin Scalia with a worthy successor. Second is kill ObamaCare. I do not care how you do it, provided you take concrete steps do it.

Erik Erickson talks about saving the filibuster.  Erik at least acknowledges the filibuster on Supreme Court nominees needs to go. Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer were ready to do this against the GOP had Hillary won and the Democrats took the Senate and it is time for the nuclear counterstrike. Trump has a list of conservative candidates for the Supreme Court, most of which we all agree are worthy successors to Scalia. We need a solid conservative candidate confirmed. No more Roberts, or Kennedys, or Souters.

But it does not end there: Once a conservative nominee is confirmed as Scalia's replacement--you better figure out a way to end ObamaCare. I recognize we need to do it in a manner so as not put citizens in harms way as the Democrats did. That would be counter productive. But eventually Obamacare has to go. The Democrats do have real fear, which we should be leveraging. And if threatening to get rid of the legislative filibuster is the way to bring Democrats to the table, then threaten away. It is called negotiation, but if you pull a gun you better be prepared to use it.

And Orin Hatch and Lindsay Graham, you did not stop Harry Reid when he imposed the nuclear option and got rid of the filibuster on lower court judicial appointments (and he promised to do the same on the Supreme Court). Same goes to you Rand Paul. Let Trump appoint his team and get get things done. Obama's appointments were not civil. Try not to screw up things now. Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of The Way.

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