Saturday, November 19, 2016

Lesson Learned: Republican Politicians Should Probably Avoid The Theater...

Republicans Leaders don't always have good nights at the theater. The crowd both booed and cheered Mike Pence (mostly booed). And the cast egged the booing on--which especially too bad. I know Lin Manuel Garcia and the Hamilton cast are mostly all Obama fans (and were actively working for Hillary Clinton to win)--but they should have been better than they were during this performance. If they are trying to persuade VP Pence, why attack him? I guess the ones booing forget Alexander Hamilton was a Republican too. 

They certainly have the free speech right to do it, but can you imagine the outrage if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton got booed and jeered like this? I remember the utter outrage when Joe Wilson yelled out "you lie" at the first State of the Union.  Rep. Wilson apologized (and rightly so--you should not yell out at the State of the Union), but as it turned out, Barack Obama absolutely did lie about Obamacare. Opps.   

The cast asked VP Elect Pence to 'uphold our American values.' Okay, how about giving Trump and Pence a chance to prove it? Perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.


Last night reflected poorly on the cast of Hamilton. Rather than really trying to reach out to Trump and Pence, they just show their partisan position.  I know they are huge Obama supporters and big fans of Hillary, but Lin Manuel's dad used to work with Ed Koch.  Ed was a democrat who reached out to all voters.  I often disagreed with Ed on policy, but it was hard to dislike the guy personally and he made you think.  Perhaps Lin Manuel Miranda and the Hamilton cast should consider their "conversation" in that light.

EBL: Steven Van Zandt Calls On Hamilton Cast To Apologize!


  1. "Okay, how about giving Trump and Pence a chance to prove it? Perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised by the results."

    Not to get overly familiar with the smart and beautiful one, but Evi-Baby-Sweetheart, have you lost your mind? It's a wonder those folks weren't triggered into rivers of tears knowing Pence was even in the building. "Hamilton was a Republican". Like THEY care. I'm surprised that production didn't work in some White man on Black-Slave woman rapes, just to punch it up a little. The GoodWhites sit through that rag and say it's good when they know it isn't, but they have to. It's the oddest thing I ever saw, almost "required reading" in Liberal City-Circles to go sit through Hamilton. Kinda like Reverse Affirmative Action, except you have to pay to get your abuses at Broadway prices.

    1. I like the play (I have not seen it yet, not with tickets over $1000, but know the soundtrack and read the novel it's based on and the show book). It's not what you think. Lin Manuel Garcia's dad used to work for Ed Koch (who was one of the old school Democrats I used to at least admire, even if I did not agree with him on policy). Unfortunately, you are right about this part, rather than show some class by doing the show and maybe inviting Pence back stage afterwards (or even giving a less confrontational message from the stage)--they had to make this about them. Like petulant babies.

  2. Meh, once the lights went down, the libs in the crowd would have started in on him anyway..

    1. This sort of over the top reaction by the left works to our benefit. I love that tweet Trump put out about "safe places."


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