Monday, November 21, 2016

Diane Sykes for Supreme Court


  1. No more women on the Supreme Court. Sorry! They go even more liberal as soon as they hit the DC/NYC cocktail circuit. In her quest for approval, she's going to wind up anti-gun, anti-death penalty and pro-abortion, late term. Nope. I need a Scalia or WORSE. We can talk about your girl for the third or fourth pick. I want to see her at the TOP of a Federal Court in a Conservative District for another 5 years. Sorry! The nuclear option against filibusters will be at The Donald's disposal, we already have Kagan, that's enough woman for the next twenty years. This Sykes will go Liberal on us the minute she gets in. There are several tells, I shant bother you with them.

    1. Jim, are you speaking from experience? Because of course Kennedy, Souter, and Roberts haven't disappointed...oh wait, they don't have balls either.

      Fair enough!

  2. Another single/divorced feminist judge, no thanks. Too many feminist strikes against her. Souter was a nut cake. He lives (or lived, is he dead?), in a shack in New Hampshire or Maine, completely off the grid, grows his own, smokes his dope, probably humps lady-deer in the wild. Kennedy and Roberts were fakes of the same sort as Sykes. The Bushes were as Liberal as Ted Kennedy. What is Trump? I don't know, but the bastard campaigned on CONSERVATIVE justices. He's already broken some pledges by bringing in a bunch of Goldman Sachs mutts. What's Rudy gonna do? Oh yeah, he doesn't want to give up his millions/year lobbying. Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court would be a better start if he can stop banging hookers and interns. Newt? "Advisor" but no position. Bolton? Psycho, wants to start wars, not back off. The "Putin is evil" thing has to stop. And we have our own oil, we need to hand it all off to China, the Japs and Korea. It's THEIR oil, why is the US responsible? Let China take it over, they have the manpower, we sure as hell don't.

    Trump, in any scenario is better than Hillary, especially for energy. But so far, I'm sorely disappointed outside of the Sessions pick. Where's Tom Cotton? I want guys that are strong in their field in the Administration picks in the cabinet and heads of angencies, even if it costs a house seat or two. Conservative, Conservative, Conservative, no compromise, no prisoners. Oh and #Fuckthepress.


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