Thursday, January 5, 2017

Network News Whores Downplay Brutal Torture of Disabled Man...

If you remember most journalists are Democrat operatives with by-lines, it all makes sense...

This is how most of the media operates. They down play the stories they don't like (like this Chicago incident which is a real hate crime) and promote the stories they do (like false claims of racist Trump supporters).  That is how they try to shape and control the narrative. 

And we are finding most of the alleged Post Election pro-Trump 'hate crimes' (racist graffiti incidents and arsons) following the election have been frauds and lies.

DRUDGE REPORT: Facebook Live Of Hate


  1. I give the Chicago kids credit. They know how to make a video that's effective. Compare this video to the one created by the Hollywood B listers. Which one do you think will motivate voters more?


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