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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Social Justice Warriors on the attack again: Stay Gold, S.E. Hinton...

Heat Street notes that S.E. Hinton is fending off social justice warriors over her lack of gay and black characters in her books...  I haven't seen vapors like this since DC Comics proposed hiring Orson Scott Card to write Superman...

Those SJWs never sleep do they? They went pretty hard after Ellen Pompeo over her temerity of using black emojis (the outrage) and now they are going after S.E. Clinton for not using black characters.  Given the recent reaction to Ms. Pompeo's emoji use, wouldn't S.E. Hinton be accused of cultural appropriation if she did?

Funny how her critics are all about feeling safe (how about an author being able to safely describe her own work):
On Twitter, Hinton doubled down on her assertion that the characters weren't gay, writing, "I have no problem with anyone being gay. Long time supporter of LGBT rights. ... No, they are not gay. I wrote them, I ought to know.' 
One reader called Hinton's responses "trash," writing, "Why would you reject young gay kids interpreting your characters in a way that makes them feel safe?"
Is S.E. Hinton even writing that much anymore?  The Outsiders was first published in 1967, which she wrote as a teenager growing up in Oklahoma.  Hey, it's not Last Exit to Brooklyn, okay?  Having read them both, and while very different, the Outsiders is the better book. But if you disagree, that 's okay, go read and like what you want.

And as George R.R. Martin noted, writing a book is not a democracy...

And as Neil Gaiman said...

You stay gold, S.E. Hinton*

S.E. Clinton got a cameo in the Outsiders film...

I am never passing up an opportunity for posting more Diane Lane pictures:

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TOM: Dear @HallieLieberman...

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Jim Christian had some Streets of Fire links (how can I deny Jim on this, especially given he is absolutely right):

* As you can probably guess, S.E. Hinton if of the left. She is entitled to her views (even if I disagree with her on PP and other issues). I push back on bullies, regardless of their political positions and her critics challenging her on a lack of gay and black characters are bullies. And feeding these social justice and political correct harpies only helps create a monster that tries to kill free speech and expression.

Smitty: It as though the left is neither creative or procreative...

Instapundit: Heterophobia: Do you want a gay book? Why not go write one yourself?


  1. Look up Ellen Aim pics from Streets of Fire for Dianne Lane. Best ever!Here's one: http://imgur.com/MXjpnwS.jpg
    Her performance. Better than J-Lo the other night by far: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xzum0h_nowhere-fast-ellen-aim-and-the-attackers_music

    And another:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCIrPJ6SBl4

    Happy New Year. Been scarce all over, found a new chick. Finally came up for air, but they hate when ya ignore em! Ha! Happy New Year, EBL. Dig your blog, difficult though Wordpress may be. Enjoy reading and peeping at the broads..

  2. Even the blind squirrel finds the acorn once in awhile, eh Evi? Streets of Fire was a bit of a watershed. Done in 1984, this strange little cult flick was sort of the coming out for Lane, William DaFoe, Michael Pare', Rick Moranis, Amy Madigan and several character actors and actresses whose names I don't know but have turned up in many movies since. There is a LOT of excellent music in it, And, it morphs from 1940/1950/1970 Art Deco effects, it has some Black and White shots, it's retro, it's modern, it's The Wild One one second, quasi jazz/metal the next. Interesting choregraphy throughout. It's good vs. evil and contains an absolutely satisfying end-plot complete with the greatest movie-produced street fight you ever saw between the two antagonists beginning with sledge hammers and ending man-to-man with their dukes. Trigger warning: This flick drips with the testosterone of the part of the patriarchy that rescues women and settles accounts with evil that simply wouldn't be permitted today. It has a little romance and without the endless profanity and sexual innuendo. There are no faggots, no trannies, no lesbians. If you can find it out there, it's really worth the watch, especially if you have a sound system attacked to your screen.

    Dint know I was a movie reviewer, did ya, Evi?

    1. I saw Streets of Fire when it came out. It was not a great film, but an interesting one that had some great moments. Diane steals every scene she is in. It is worth rewetting.

    2. Rewetting? Damn spell changer! Worth rewatching! rewatching!


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