Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trump Transition: General Mattis for Secretary of Defense

Marine Corps Times: It's Official

Every day is like Christmas. It is rather awesome.

I am not for promoting some Neo-Neoconerism.  But I am for reversing the malaise and decline to our armed forces that has come under Obama.

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  1. Not thrilled with Generals that have done nothing but lose. 15 years and all these asswipes have done is lose. I thought Trump wanted winners? This guy is no winner, we’ve one shit, nothing. We’re not well-served. This guy is one in a long line. So is/was Petreus. We need to pull out of the Middle East, leave it to China and the Asian Basin to defend since it’s their oil. We’ve done our duty there. We don’t need their oil.

    China will take care of things in ways we cannot, they’ll fight more like the WW2 generation and much less like the current group of children and that includes this Mad Dog. We need out of the Russian regions around Crimea, to pull back to NATO and to quit inviting Russia and China both to ventilate our ships’ hulls. We need to patrol the Pacific maybe, but not OWN it. Africa? Guard our interest in minerals that are critical, but this is another I don’t want to own. Time to stop the waste, join up with Russia and China for a better piece of trade, oil, coal, LNG, we have much to offer one another and yet, there the US sits, trying to engage them in skirmishes. And losing every one of them around the world.

    Mad Dog? He’s a loser, you’ll see, even if he DOES get through confirmation and frankly, I hope he doesn’t, See, he’s another idiot that got involved in an official capacity with that moron/thief/crook Elizabeth Holmes and her Theranos pyramid scheme. I hope they look at his position on their board and reject him. Faulty judgment there indicates his judgment elsewhere. They don’t call him Mad Dog for nothing. Love Trump, hate some of his Security picks.

    1. I completely disagree over Mattis.

    2. Your comment on Theranos has some merit and he needs to explain that. Your comments about him being a loser are completely without merit. The Marines did their job in Iraq under Mattis' direction, it was Barack Obama who threw that victory away. It was civilian mismangement, initially under the Bush administration and then under Obama that screwed things up.

      If you want to disengage from the middle east and Pacific, that is a different argument--that has some merit to a point. Be careful what you wish for. The best way to disengage is still from a position of strength, not weakness.


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