Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tomi Lahren

Of course Black Lives Matter is not about equality, it is akin to Nation of Islam and Black Panthers, in it want to draw attention to its racist (not racially) motivated (and underlying very leftist) message. The KKK today (a far more marginalized and fringe organization than #BLM, which is at its roots very old school Democrat) does stupid provocative things to draw attention to itself--which the leftist media jumps all over in an attempt to paint all conservatives with that brush. I am all for calling out that nonsense.  

#BLM gets treated seriously by the left, while the KKK is not accepted by virtually anyone but the KKK itself. I get the point Tomi Larhren is making, plus she want to be provocative to draw attention to herself. A younger more attractive version of Ann Coulter (Mickey White described her as a "Baby Ann Coulter").

I have no problem with Tomi performance on The Daily Show. I am all for addressing the hypocrisy of the left and media, but the truth is it is very hard to do that effectively on "hostile" ground like The Daily Show or Real Time. Those shows totally control their content.  

But Allah raises an interesting point, what if Megyn Kelly bolts for CNN?  Does that give Tomi and opening at Fox?  Making Fox News Great Again? Maybe with Roger Ailes in charge, but I can't see it with the Murdoch Boys.  

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